New York Wedding Videography

My name is Zane Vetra (AKA Belinda), owner and video editor of Belinda Video Productions.
My beautiful niece Linda (“Beautiful Linda= Belinda”) was the reason I named my studio Belinda Video Productions. When she was born, I captured and edited everything she did. I fell in love with video production and dedicated many years to study and practice my craft.

belinda video productions

I went to UCLA Film School to learn all about pre and post production. I worked with some of the best wedding videographers in Los Angeles and New York gaining valuable knowledge and experience shooting and editing wedding films and highlights. I spent countless hours studying, researching, practicing, learning and reading about wedding videoography. With at least a 100 weddings that I have attentded, I believe I won’t dissapoint you with the final product.


My home office is located in Rockaway Park, New York, but I hold my meetings with clients in NYC. I enjoy long walks on the boardwalk with my son who is 2.5 years old and almost ready to take over my business 🙂 He is my driving force!




Together with my team, we are so honored to work with every single one of you! We always offer advice, support and try to clam your nerves on the big day.
Call 516-507-2117 or email belindavideo@gmail.com anytime to chat about your wedding. Looking forward!
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